Place of Origin:

American Samoa (mother from Lauli’i, father from Leone) born in Long Beach, CA

Favorite Pastime/Hobby:

I love to draw and paint

Favorite Worship Songs:

"Unspeakable Love" by Frontline & “Mighty To Save” by Hillsong United

Favorite Worship Albums

"Beyond Here Other" by Frontline & "Great Great God" by Gateway Worship

Frontline History:

May 2004


Vocal Liaison, Vocal Director, Worship Leader


With Frontline: God’s mandate on my life, to be a part of the tech crew that sets the stage for the main event…HIM! The main event is the King of Kings, and Savior of the world. He will have a killer opening act. My job is to make sure that we showcase Him so well that HIS songs stay on repeat long after the curtain call.

Tina Leuluai



“You intended to harm me but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20 (NIV)

Why I Never Despise Small Beginnings

It was white Sunday when I started leading worship, we sang songs in Samoan and I was SO SCARED!! Back then anyway I was just mirroring what I saw from other people, and what my parents told me to do. It wasn’t until I was leading at a service in a small church in Cali with only 12 people that I began to understand that my worship was more than the routine services or even the actions that I saw others do or whether or not I thought the piano player was cute. I was standing on stage and distinctly remember thinking “This can’t be all of it, the peak of worship. I can’t have arrived when it comes to worship”. I didn’t realize then I didn’t even understand worship. It was when I had a face to face encounter with Christ that I began to understand it wasn’t just crying, falling on my knees or singing, any of the things that I’d seen others do and began to do myself. I finally connected the actions that I did and saw from others and tied it to this truth: “I do all these things because of how I feel about Him”.
Tina Leuluai