We are so happy to present and share the ministry of Frontline Worship. Our goal as a ministry and as Christ followers is simply to connect people to the One True God. Everything we design for ministry, whether through songs, concerts, albums, projects, etc… all of it is implemented with that goal in mind. You see, we have learned that worship has very little to do with music. Sure, you can express your worship through music, but the act of worship is very personal and purposeful. In short, worship is lived through the actions of obedience, submission, honor & affection to God. When someone fully grasps that understanding the decisions of life will change. It is evidence a true pursuit of Christ has developed. When we release worship from the confines of a song we find the true power it can unleash to change our heart and the hearts of men. We must be careful as a young generation to not fall in love with the “feeling” of worship. That “feeling” is merely a by-product of a life that truly worships… A life that is submitted to Christ.  Our prayer for you is that whatever you do, whatever your gift, whatever your calling, live a life that worships the God you proclaim and let that heart of worship filter through everything you put your hands to do.  We pray the songs and message of Frontline Worship continually bless you as we seek to live a life of worship and inspire others to passionately pursue God, for He has captured our hearts and enveloped our attention.

Matt & Nina Poole