Krista Sanseverino

Place of Origin:
Pampa, TX population 18,180 (if you count the cows)

Favorite Pastime/Hobby:

Shopping! But only for good deals. I love the thrill of the hunt!

Favorite Worship Songs:

Frontline: "Company of Worshipers", "I Call You Jesus", "You Are Holy", & "Priceless" just to name a few!

Other: You can never go wrong with "I Exalt Thee"!

Favorite Worship Albums

I Can Rest Easy by Frontline & Freedom by Darryl Evans

Frontline History:

September 1999


Communications, Worship Leader


To live a life that is worthy of the call I have received.

Krista Sanseverino



“And so it was that he [Abraham], having waited long and endeared patiently, realized and obtained what God had promised him.” Hebrews 6:15 (AMP)

Why I Never Despise Small Beginnings

Growing up as a pastor’s kid I started singing as soon as I was able to talk. My parents would stand my brother and I up on the altars and have us sing for the congregation.

When I was about 12 yrs old I began helping lead worship for our youth group. I feel a little sorry for some of the people who had to endure those early years:) It was in those beginning stages where I learned that no matter how much natural talent or ability you have if you don’t have the anointing you won’t make an impact.

I am so grateful for every opportunity God has given me whether big or small I have learned from every one of them.
Krista Sanseverino