A Line By Line  with Matt Poole

I sat at an old, severely out of tune piano in the basement of a home in Seattle, WA in December 1997. I was still learning the piano and I played every chance I could get. My prayer time that morning was very deep and I was overwhelmed thinking of the price Jesus paid to give us salvation; but that particular morning it became personal. I knew Christ died to save all mankind but I was blown away by the thought that He paid that price for… ME? I had a picture in my mind of Jesus being removed from the cross and the blood stains running into the form of every name in history including mine. I wept at the piano as the understanding of the ultimate Father paying the ultimate price for the very imperfect me sank in and I began to sing the words “I belong to you…” The song has become an anthem for some and prayer for others, but it was originally written as a humble realization that Jesus didn’t just want everyone, He wanted me and because of his price I personally belong to Him.




I Belong To You