Maika (Chip) Leuluai

Place of Origin:

American Samoa

Favorite Pastime/Hobby:


Favorite Worship Songs:

“Lost In You” by Frontline & “Greatness Of Our God” by Hillsong

Favorite Worship Albums

I Can Rest Easy by Frontline & Jesus At The Center by Israel Houghton

Frontline History:

May 2007


Musician Liaison, Drummer


To see people connected to God. To help musicians discover their inner worshiper while providing that worshiper with the tools to fine tune their outer musician.

Chip Leuluai



“Do not be misled, Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33 (NIV)

Why I Never Despise Small Beginnings

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had always been very interested in playing the drums. I was the little kid who would sit in the front row of the church whether it be church, choir, or youth practice. I would sit in the front and watch the drummer and mimic everything they did. I was actually a great air drummer! Lol!! My aunt Valu Tuitoelau saw something in me. I was 8 years old and we were at youth practice when she asked me, “Do you wanna play the drums for a Wednesday service?” My response was, “YES! I would love to!!” I was the happiest little 8 year old kid in the world! When that Wednesday came around I wore my favorite aloha shirt, it was green and black with my black dickies pants. I sat on those drums and had one of the best moments in my life. That day right there was the beginning for me!
Chip Leuluai